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Molenbergnatie n.v. Antwerp is the mother company of the group, based in Antwerp. Our geographical location allows us to serve the entire Northwest of the European continent with a perfect infrastructure over sea, road, railway, and inland waterways.

Molenbergnatie offers:

400,000 m2 of high-quality warehouses, all LIFFE & NYBOT-certified for the  storage and handling of soft and hard commodities and general cargo

  • preserving commodities like cocoa, coffee, nuts, spices, steel, etc. under optimum conditions,
  • fully equipped with loading ramps and walking floors to enable fast and adequate loading of both bagged and bulk cargo,
  • equipment for handling steel products in various forms,
  • direct and optimised rail connections located in the centre of Antwerp port, with excellent connection to container terminals.

6,700 metric tons’ storage capacity in our coffee bulk terminal

  • a high-quality bulk terminal with automatic cleaning section,
  • screening, reconditioning, blending and laser colour sorting options,
  • direct, computerized loading into bulk trucks, or bulk containers.

25,000 m2 of warehouse space for general cargo

  • pallet-racking storage facilities,
  • ECO-certified independent warehouses for storage of organic products,
  • approved IVK independent warehouses for foodstuffs subject to veterinary controls,
  • customs bonded storage.

A transport division with own fleet of trucks:

  • possible JIT-delivery contracts for all kinds of goods, bulk trucks with 3 to 5 separate compartments.

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