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June 2017 - Molenbergnatie celebrates its 150th birthday with an exciting party!

On Saturday the 3th of June, 180 colleagues from Antwerp and Barcelona, together with their partners,  gathered in the event hall The Shop at the Rijnkaai in Antwerp. In this beautifully renovated historic building, where in the second half of the 20th century ship repairers used to offer their services, Molenbergnatie celebrated its 150th anniversary with a festive apero moment for a start, followed by a short welcome speech and a delicious walking dinner where the guests could taste dishes and snacks, enriched with ingredients from the countries where the company is active. The evening continued with an exciting live performance of a top music band, humorous surprise acts and a thrilling DJ set, whereafter the attendants received a nice souvenir.

The pictures below speak for themselves. This was a jubilee party, celebrated with the same enthusiasm that you can expect from your Molenbergnatie service partners in the years to come.

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