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Soft Commodities

Like all natural raw produce, soft commodities need special care and product know-how.

In order to obtain a final product of optimum quality, it is of the utmost importance to maintain this know-how throughout the entire chain, all the way from farmer to consumer. Having been a benchmark in the coffee and cocoa trade as a warehouse keeper for many decades now, it is our aim to guarantee the quality of your products and to preserve them under optimal conditions. We work according to strict self-imposed standards and use the latest technologies to meet your requirements at any time.

Molenbergnatie offers you:

  • expertise in the transport, handling and storage of bagged or bulk cargo as certified sworn weighers,
  • in the event of damages upon arrival, a cargo claims adjuster service on behalf of our principals,
  • quality and quantity control of cargo arriving with third parties (surveyors),
  • reconditioning of damaged and non-damaged goods, as well as blending of different qualities upon delivery,
  • a direct line to the London International Futures & Finance Exchange (LIFFE) with Grading And Tendering System (GATS) – for coffee and cocoa,
  • a direct line to the New York Board of Trade (NYBOT) with Electronic Commodity Operations Processing System (e-Cops) – for coffee,    
  • forwarding agents handling import and export orders, customs formalities and  transport contracts,
  • fully operational documentation (phytosanitary, certificate of origin, etc.) and customs department (transit documents, export and import documents, declaration in and out of EC, Intrastat, and fiscal representation).

Coffee is a trusted partner in handling coffee for leading international and national roasters and traders.

As a pioneer and a market leader in this commodity, we store coffee according to strict self-imposed standards within a forward-looking tradition. Our thorough understanding and expertise in this product is continually being developed with new technologies enabling us to meet the customers’ requirements at any time and live up to the most stringent conditions they demand.
Your dossier is taken care of down to the last detail and is always followed up by one specific contact person.

Molenbergnatie offers you the following services:

  • Reception (automatic unloading and loading), storage (Nybot approved), handling, transport, and the necessary documents such as certificates of origin, phyto certificates and health certificates.
  • We also provide inspection services for sampling, inspection at third party premises, reconditioning of damaged bags, plus brushing, rebagging and general cleaning services.

Cocoa is a leading partner for trading houses, processors and manufacturers in the cocoa market, for cocoa beans as well as for semi-finished products.
Our many years’ experience with these specific commodities, together with our well-trained professional staff, are the best guarantees of mutual success. As a company, we consider it our duty to store, handle and maintain your goods in the best possible way.

Molenbergnatie offers you the following services:

  • Reception, storage, handling and delivery of your cocoa, including the necessary documents such as certificates of origin, phyto certificates and health certificates.
  • We also provide inspection services for sampling, inspection at third party premises, reconditioning of damaged bags, brushing, rebagging, and general cleaning services.
  • Molenbergnatie always strives for tailor made solutions for its’ customers. Our state-of-the-art cocoa processing line can both clean and deep-clean the cocoa beans, ultimately providing cocoa beans to the grinders without any need for an additional cleaning process.
    The facility includes: a sieving machine, a deep cleaning sieving machine, gravitational separators, de-stoners and magnets. The system is also equipped with connecting conveyor belts and elevators which are specially designed to minimize bean breakage during internal transport.
    Next to cleaning services, the processing line offerings include blending services.

Nuts (and bakery seeds) manages a considerable flow of nuts between producers, traders and processors all over the world.

Our expertise and interest in this specific commodity has been growing for several years now. The handling of pistachios, hazelnuts and other nut products is one of our core activities.

From the United States to the Mediterranean region, we provide a whole range of services going from traditional forwarding to arranging the necessary documents and even repacking & reworking lines in our dedicated warehouses.

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