Molenbergnatie's head quarter is based in Antwerp, Belgium. As of 1867, these facilities have been the starting point of our continuous improvement, proactive innovation and global expansion.      
Molenbergnatie’s geographical location in the heart of Europe has always allowed it to serve the European continent and far beyond thanks to an extensive, multimodal infrastructure over sea, road, railway and inland waterways.

With 300.000m² of warehouses in the Port of Antwerp area, Molenbergnatie offers a wide portfolio of end-to-end supply chain management services for a very diverse range of soft commodities including (but not limited to) coffee, cocoa (products), nuts, dried fruits, (bulk) rice, SMP, grains and general cargo.


Molenbergnatie España SL was founded in 1995 as the first branch office of the Molenbergnatie Group. Its offices are located in Barcelona, one of the fastest growing major ports in the Mediterranean.
Molenbergnatie is situated in the free zone, within the port area and right next to the main terminals. Our customers have access to almost 35,000 m2 of space on various locations in the port. We offer bonded storage and all value-added logistics services needed for your cocoa, coffee and other soft commodities. One of our main advantages is the presence of our own container yard next to our main warehouse. This allows us to increase the flexibility of the unloading and loading of the containers. Our warehouses are ICE certified for the storage of your terminal market coffee.
Since 2016 Molenbergnatie is also active in the ports of Vigo (North West of Spain) and Valencia (East of Spain).


Molenbergnatie Vietnam Limited Company provides an all-in supply chain management service from its own, hyper-equipped terminal.
Molenbergnatie Vietnam LC is the first and only Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Vietnam with its own bonded warehouse license for the storage and logistics of agricultural products. This confirms the ambition of Molenbergnatie to continue its leading role in the coffee sector on a qualitative and quantitative basis, in the interest of customers and end customers.
Apart from a storage capacity of 52.000 m², divided into two ultramodern warehouses, Molenbergnatie Vietnam LC also offers its customers the opportunity to clean, sort and blend their coffee according to the desired specific quality.
For this purpose a high-quality processing line (Pinhalense) is available with a capacity of 28 tons per hour. Subsequently, the goods are packed in big bags or jute bags, or immediately loaded into bulk containers for shipment. Molenbergnatie Vietnam LC also provides the export facilities for the bonded coffee.
The terminal covers 12 hectares of industrial land, is equipped with a guarded parking for 60 trucks and with all necessary modern amenities.
The facility conforms to the strictest international health, safety and quality requirements concerning the servicing and processing of raw materials for the food industry. The operational activities are locally supported by a team of professional, well-trained specialists with an extensive experience in logistics.
Molenbergnatie Vietnam LC also offers the possibility to finance the stored coffee through large international financial institutions that accept the Molenbergnatie storage certificates.
In Vietnam, Molenbergnatie applies the same transparent reporting that our customers expect from Molenbergnatie in Europe. The entire process is software supported. Through a special web portal all reports, documents and stock movements can be monitored in real time.

The United States

Molenbergnatie LLC, based in Charleston, South Carolina, was established in 2015 and since then provides and organizes the supply chain management of green coffee and freeze-dried coffee and tea.
Molenbergnatie Charleston welcomes its customers in a 15.000 m2 warehouse subdivided in a climate-controlled space of 4.200 m2 and an ambient space of 10.300 m2, which enables fluent loading and unloading, on-site parking and other logistics related activities. The offices and the warehouse are located on the same site in the foreign trade zone next to the port. This guarantees a most efficient, time-saving service within the port area itself, right next to the main terminals.
Following C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism), the company has committed to implement specific security measures to protect the supply chain up to the highest security level.
Molenbergnatie Charleston activities are food grade certified by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture and compliant with the US FDA Food Registration.

The Molenbergnatie Group is a leading, innovative and trustworthy partner in the end-to-end supply chain management of soft commodities.
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