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We offer the know-how and equipment needed for the short-term or long-term storage of foods and goods of all sorts in all forms of packaging, whether delivered by rail, barge or truck.

In our warehouses, trucks are loaded and unloaded and containers are stuffed and stripped according to state-of-the-art techniques, with the guarantee of personalised administrative follow-up and reporting.
We can provide tailor-made services or projects linked to our various warehousing capabilities and terminal market facilities, as well as additional services such as re-packaging, re-palletising, labelling, plastic wrapping and so on.

We offer our customers :

  • various warehousing facilities
  • 400.000 m² high quality warehouses,
  • LIFFE / NYBOT certified environments
  • 8.800 pallet spaces, including additional handling services such as palletising, wrapping, order picking, etc.
  • 6.700 MT bulk capacity (coffee) plus additional handling services such as color sorting, blending, quality control,etc.

Terminal markets

Molenbergnatie is approved by the world’s leading commodity exchanges to issue exchange-traded warrants for coffee and cocoa stored at its facilities worldwide.

Collateral Management

Molenbergnatie offers a collateral management service enabling you to obtain the necessary financial support for your stocks and to expand your activities under the best possible conditions.

Acting as an independent 3rd party, Molenbergnatie provides a value-added
service guaranteeing the highest flexibility, the lowest rates and the widest sales opportunities for its partners, not to mention the highest security level for its partner financial institutes.

Collateral management can be offered in all our branches and is backed by a tri-partite contract in which the owner of the goods, its financial partner and Molenbergnatie determine a tailor-made way of working.

Once the goods are in our warehouse and all documents are lodged, they are considered as exported. Inter-company stock controls are also implemented, together with a web-based module for online stock checks. Physical security is backed up by an HQ-centralized software solution allowing stock control options at any time.

Moreover, we have a wide range of options for offering owners flexible and fast release of their goods. An electronic gateway makes it possible to communicate ultra-fast between all partners involved worldwide.

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