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Our History

One of the oldest “naties” in the port of Antwerp, Molenbergnatie is a fascinating blend of more than 150 years’ experience, know-how and growth, with over 400 000 m2 of hi-tech organized capacity.

Molenbergnatie began its legal existence in 1867 when a company was formed for the purpose of loading and unloading ships, transporting and converting merchandise and the other various activities particular to the ‘Nations of Antwerp’. the beginning Molenbergnatie concentrated on the storage of coffee, cocoa beans, nuts, herbs, spices and other (soft) commodities. In 1923, the firm bought its first tractor and the horse-drawn wagons were replaced by trailers. Eleven years later, the General Assembly decided to stand as a guarantor in respect of Customs, so Molenbergnatie was able to start the clearance of goods for its customers.

After World War Two, Molenbergnatie entered modern times by expanding its warehousing capacities and increasing its worldwide activities and services. With hubs in Spain and Vietnam and a current global warehousing capacity of over 400,000m2, Molenbergnatie leads the way among supply chain managers of soft commodities.

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