As your logistic service provider we are passionate about your product. We make sure it ‘travels’ safely from origin to its final destination. Quality of service, experience and continuous striving for excellence are some of the key words in our company’s dictionary.

Our focus is both the customer and the product, trying to fit a solution to every logistics question.

Your Trade

Molenbergnatie, founded in 1867, has been an established name in the harbor of Antwerp and a market leader in the soft commodity industry. As a well-known, trusted and experienced logistics partner we particularly value high quality services and are dedicated to the continuous maintenance and amelioration of all our operations. Your end-to-end supply chain needs form the core business of Molenbergnatie.

Every day, we aim to become and remain your preferred supply chain partner, managing your entire physical flow – from origin to factory or any part of it. We supplement our services with several types of added value services, varying from customs or food safety document handling to IT services (such as EDI) and financing agreements.In this sense Molenbergnatie offers you a wide range of tailor made solutions tuned to your flow:

Vietnam Processing Facility (Origin)

● Storage (coffee/cotton/nuts) in (non)-bonded warehouse in Ho Chi Minh City
● Complete operational package: handling, bagging, bulking, shipment, …
● Close collaboration with banks (CMA and financing opportunities)

Sea Freight

● Freight management services
● Forwarding services:

      ● Terms negotiations
      ● Sea freight pre-financing

Port Arrival

● Settlements for payment local costs (THC, ISPS, …) & delivery order fee
● Customs clearance services at the quay

Quay to Warehouse

● Flexible transportation solutions (self-owned trucks):

       ● Pick-up container (Right Bank/Left Bank)
       ● Full drop off at our warehouse for storage and/or added value services
       ● Weighing per weighbridge

Quality Check

As quality is the number one priority for Molenbergnatie, all inbound goods flows are subject to several stringent and internationally accredited quality control procedures:

● Full food safety & quality check of the container (damage control):
● Full food safety & quality check of the cargo
● Custom-made sampling procedures


Our global discharging services are performed according to the internationally approved (food) safety regulations, including representative sampling, weighing and labeling. Our completely transactional ERP system ensures the 100% traceability of your goods.

Quality Analysis

Depending on your type of commodity and your desired location, Molenbergnatie offers various quality analyses ranging from humidity tests up to cupping and grading, defect counts, screening and cutting tests.


Depending on your type of commodity and your desired location, Molenbergnatie offers

● Ambient storage
● Cool store storage (temperature and humidity controlled)
● ICE Europe & US certified storage

Added Value

Molenbergnatie disposes of a wide range of added value services for every type of commodity. This range not only includes specific goods handling (such as reconditioning, rebagging etc.) but also customs & documentations flow, IT and financing services.


All of the Molenbergnatie locations are dedicated to finding you the most efficient, multimodal transport solutions for your flows. Be it (bulk) trucks, containers, trains, barges or sea vessels, we will make sure your goods are where they need to be, when they need to be.


To further simplify the life of our customers, Molenbergnatie can look into several on-site services – such as on-site weighing scales – to support your logistics team up until he factory!

Quality is not expensive, it is priceless

Our Weight

Account Manager
Molenbergnatie is dedicated to you, our customer. We make sure there is a professional account team putting all of its weight behind your trade. To achieve this, every customer receives full customer care on local as well as international level.

Your daily account management would be supported by your local customer service and quality team, while general questions, commercial issues and business development proposals would be handled by the account manager who is ultimately responsible for your account and local account team. Your account manager could further rely on guidance of the local Finance and management team and the Antwerp-based support of HS&E and IT.
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The Molenbergnatie Group is a leading, innovative and trustworthy partner in the end-to-end supply chain management of soft commodities.
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