Molenbergnatie's headquarters is based in Antwerp, Belgium. As of 1867, it has been the basis for our policy of continuous improvement, proactive innovation and global expansion.       .      
Molenbergnatie’s geographical location in the heart of Europe has always allowed it to serve the European continent and far beyond, thanks to an extensive, multimodal infrastructure over sea, road, railway and inland waterways.

With 300,000 m² of warehouses in the port of Antwerp, Molenbergnatie offers a wide portfolio of end-to-end supply chain management services for a very diverse range of soft commodities, including (but not limited to) coffee, cocoa (products), nuts, dried fruits, (bulk) rice, SMP, grains and general cargo.


Molenbergnatie España SL was founded in 1995 as Molenbergnatie group’s first branch office. Its offices are located in Barcelona, one of the fastest growing major ports in the Mediterranean.       
Molenbergnatie España SL is situated in the free zone, within the port area and right next to the main terminals. Our customers have access to almost 35,000 m² on various locations within the port. We offer bonded storage and all value-added logistics services needed for your cocoa, coffee and other soft commodities. One of our main advantages is the presence of our own container yard next to our main warehouse. This gives increased flexibility in the unloading and loading of the containers. Since 2016, Molenbergnatie has been also active in the ports of Vigo (North West of Spain) and Valencia (East of Spain).

Molenbergnatie, part of the Ilomar group, is a leading, innovative and trustworthy partner in end-to-end supply chain management of soft commodities.

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