“From Safety Day to … every day”

“From Safety Day to … every day” - Molenbergnatie is ‘committed to zero’ when it comes to safety and health!

On March 15th Molenbergnatie organized its yearly worldwide Safety Day.

Every entity committed itself to conduct one or more specific initiatives aimed at pointing out that safety is a day-to-day assignment and that creating a safe and healthy environment is a continuous process.

The safety topics ranged from a ‘safety quiz’, ‘safety on the job training’ and ‘driving tests with forklifts’ to workshops regarding ‘human-machine visibility’ and a ‘healthy lifestyle’. 

Under the slogan ‘commitment to zero’ Molenbergnatie as a group will continue to invest in the best possible health and safety resources and conditions, in the interest of both its employees and its customers.

Every day must be a safety day.
Safety Day 2017 Collage
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