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At Molenbergnatie Belgium, we put our weight behind your trade. Yet, apart from wanting to be the best possible partner to you, we’re passionate about social well-being. That’s why we support a variety of good causes each year, striving to contribute to people’s lives in a positive way. 

This year – like every other year – we helped raise awareness about breast cancer, by celebrating Pink Monday and making a donation to Pink Ribbon. Apart from this, we brought some extra colour and joy to our offices with azalea plants, bought to support Kom op tegen kanker (a Belgian organisation dedicated to cancer awareness), and miniature Christmas trees from Lions Club Hartevrouwe, a local service club supporting various charity projects. 

We also made extra donations to organisations chosen by our own employees. Each year, we invite them to fill out a poll to nominate their favourite good cause. The 2019 winners were Belgische Rett Syndroom Vereniging (an organisation supporting girls and women with Rett’s Syndrome), Ondernemers zonder Grenzen (dedicated to making the dessert greener), Sportpret (offering underprivileged children the chance to do sports and go on holiday), ’t Zwart Goor (a community centre for the disabled) and Poverello (an organisation supporting the less fortunate). 

We would like to thank everyone who was involved in any way and wish you all a lovely holiday season.

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