Molenbergnatie Antwerp completed succesful audit trail


Recently, Molenbergnatie Antwerp underwent 2 audits, which we succesfully completed.  

First of all the SMETA audit was carried out by SEDEX. This audit, which stands for Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit is one of the most widely used ethical audit formats in the world. Molenbergnatie was audited according to 4 pillars, including the following target areas: labor standards and conditions, health and safety, management systems, environment and business ethics.

Furthermore, there was an ISO-9001 recertification audit, which resulted in a renewal of the Molenbergnatie quality label. This in accorcance with the new 9001/2015 standard, with special emphasis on "documented information of processes" and "risk-based thinking".

Also Molenbergnatie's certification as a BIO-market participant was renewed. As a result, we continue to offer our customers services as a processor and importer of organic products. In addition, we also offer them assistance in the delivery of the inspection certificates via
the TRACES platform that has been mandatory introduced for all EU importers since January

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