Molenbergnatie Belgium participates in innovative, secured container release project.

Trust is an essential factor in freight transport, especially in container transport. After all, lots of different parties, such as carriers, terminals, forwarders, hauliers, drivers, shippers etc, are involved along the logistics chain.
Therefore, a well-structured and secure data traffic system is indispensable. Not easy to come by, these days.
That is why Antwerp start-up T-mining has decided to develop and test blockchain-based applications for container logistics. As Blockchain offers the technology for encrypting data, these applications should significantly improve security during containers’ physical handover in ports. Blockchain technology will also allow an easy and secure sharing of information and transfer of assets across the whole supply chain.  
At the port of Antwerp, a pilot project using this technology is currently being carried out. This in participation with a limited number of large operators and Molenbergnatie Belgium. For Molenbergnatie the decision to get involved fits our ambition to be part of a community where all parties work closely together on a new, profitable future, for everyone.  
Of course we will keep you informed about the results and the further evolution of this unique initiative.    
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