Molenbergnatie Launches Pistachio Sorting Line

In the past few years, the popularity of nuts has risen considerably all over the world, resulting in a steady expansion of their international trade. Reason enough for us at Molenbergnatie to do what we do best; put our weight behind that trade and invest our efforts in providing the industry with the best logistics support. Last year, for instance, we started expanding the capacity of our cool storage facility for nuts and dried fruits in Antwerp. Now, Molenbergnatie is proud to announce a new added value service: a pistachio sorting line, developed in exclusive collaboration with the US Pistachio Alliance.

This sorting line is highly significant for the pistachio trade, as food and safety regulations continue to gain in importance. The delicious nuts are susceptible to aflatoxins, due to their natural origin and growth process. As a result, a percentage of in-shell pistachios are currently being rejected at the EU border. When this happens, Molenbergnatie now has the possibility to help decrease these mycotoxins by sorting out the product in a specialised clean room. Combined with fumigation options - both conventional and organic - and bonded storage under controlled temperature, we completed our one-stop shop for logistics services for pistachios.

The initiative is both supported and accredited by the Federal Agency for Safety in the Food Chain, which solidifies Molenbergnatie’s position as the central partner for the import and storage of nuts and dried fruits in Europe.

For the upcoming 2021, we will continue to invest in value-added projects, so stay tuned for more news!

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