Molenbergnatie organized Safety Day on March 15th 2018

On March 15th 2018 Molenbergnatie in Antwerp, Barcelona and Ho Chi Minh organized again its Safety Day. Every location chose its own activities to show its commitment to safety and health, ranging from presentations and a safety quiz, to workshops and on-the-job training.     Molenbergnatie Antwerp “Safety on the job is best explained with specific trainings. That is why we provided workshops on human-machine visibility and driving tests with forklifts.”    Molenbergnatie Barcelona “We have been working on a single Safety Manual and Emergency Plan, so we were very proud to present it to our staff. We put the procedures into practice during an environmental drill, simulating an oil spill in the public sewer, and a fire drill.”     Molenbergnatie Vietnam “Our Safety day was a success with over 70 people participating, including staff, clients and contractors. Apart from a presentation on the topic of the day, they participated in a safety quiz and first-aid training.”     As a group, Molenbergnatie will continue to invest in the best possible health and safety resources and conditions, in the interest of both its employees and business partners. So that every day becomes a Safety Day!

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